The path of the water:
From the well to the consumer.

Gerolsteiner's mineral water is a miracle of nature: It is completely pure and well balanced in regards to minerals and carbonic acid – and that without any kind of human influence. To maintain this singular quality, Gerolsteiner treats its product with the utmost care – all the way from the source to the bottle.

From the well to the consumer

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Mineral water formation and source

The Gerolsteiner basin in the Volcanic Eifel – there is true treasure hidden under the earth's surface in this area: Dolomite rock rich in minerals from primordial times and volcanic rock containing carbonic acid from cooled magma. Every drop of Gerolsteiner water passes through these rock layers, collecting in wells after being perfectly mineralized. Contrary to ordinary drinking water, which is usually a mixture of ground and surface water that is often artificially treated, Gerolsteiner water stems from a depth of up to 200 meters. It is thus completely pure by nature and untouched by external influences – and that is how it shall remain.

Every single well is very carefully monitored to this purpose: Water levels, temperature and mineralization are continuously checked.


Every single well is very carefully monitored to this purpose: Water levels, temperature and mineralization are continuously checked.
The valuable minerals, the refreshing flavor, the unique purity: All of these things that are so diligently protected by nature may not get lost, either during bottling nor once the water is in the bottle. Gerolsteiner water should reach the customer in as fresh and clear a state as it is in when it gathers in the depths of the Volcanic Eifel. To guarantee this, every single production step is meticulously monitored by Gerolsteiner's quality managers.

Gerolsteiner mineral water is thus among the most strictly controlled food products. Only by bottling the water directly at the source and by maintaining its natural purity is Gerolsteiner allowed to bear the official sign of authentication “Natural mineral water” in accordance with the MTVO (German mineral and table water regulation).

Technology and innovations

Gerolsteiner has always aimed to meet the highest of standards: The best product deserves the best technology.

Whether it be in the development of innovative packaging types, the choice of material or perfecting product safety – Gerolstainer doesn't go for the cheapest but rather for the best possible solution. 

Caps for instance. At first sight this might appear simple, but it is a highly complex issue in reality. Every bottle cap is repeatedly subjected to countless tests and control procedures in order to ensure that the bottles are airtight, sealing the freshness within. 

A further example of the innovation that Gerolsteiner is capable of is the introduction of the environmentally friendly PET reusable bottle. Due to its low weight, the energy efficient production and its excellent recyclability it is both good for the environment as well as cost-efficient.


External controls

Besides the continuous internal laboratory controls, there are also regular control-analyses conducted by the independent institute Fresenius.

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.