From the source to the bottle


Geological history


350 million years ago, the Eifel was covered by the sea. Lime from various creatures dropped to the sea floor and pieces of shells and huge coral reefs fossilized. Under the sea's influence, these fossils turned into water-soluble dolomite and – as the so called "Gerolsteiner Kalkmulde" (Gerolsteiner lime basin) – constitute the mineral basis of the precious mineral water. Millions of years later, volcanoes erupted in the same area. Gerolsteiner mineral water receives its carbonic acid from the cooled down magma of these volcanoes.



The raindrop turns into mineral water


Water that falls to the earth as rain or snow is filtered and purified on it’s way through the various layers of rock. While seeping through the rock, the water is enriched with minerals and carbonic acid. Only combined with the carbonic acid is the water capable of assimilating minerals and trace elements from the otherwise non-water-soluble dolomite. It is also due to the carbonic acid that the solubilized minerals do not separate from the water and that the water remains fresh and clear throughout the centuries.



The water is retained in the rock sediment at a depth of about 120 to 180 meters. Since the water lies so deeply inside the earth it is safe from environmental pollution.


The mineral water is pumped to the surface from its wells in Gerolstein. The wells are electronically monitored to continuously keep track of the temperature and the level of mineralization.


The carbonic acid is separated from the water in a vacuum tank. Subsequently it is compressed and liquefied at –40 degrees Celsius.


Since the wells are located outside of the production premises, the mineral water is pumped through pipelines to the central water hub and from there onward to the eleven bottling facilities.


According to the strict laws of the "Mineral- und Tafelwasserverordnung (MTVO)" (regulation on mineral and table water) "natural mineral water" must be bottled directly at its source, so as its original purity – free of alterations and contamination - can be guaranteed.


During the bottling-process the desired amount of carbon dioxide is added again.

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