Gerolsteiner International: history

Gerolsteiner has been internationally active since the beginnings of the company. Even then, the company founder Wilhelm Castendyck realised the opportunities offered for exports. He presented Gerolsteiner mineral water at international trade fairs shortly after its foundation.

A consistent focus on quality runs like a central theme throughout the history of the brand.



1888 The Gerolsteiner company was founded. Wilhelm Castendyck presented Gerolsteiner mineral water at international trade fairs shortly after its founding and there he won international awards for the mineral water from the volcanic Eifel.
1889 Exports to the Benelux countries
1890 Successful exports to the USA, especially to Chicago where many German immigrants had settled.
1892 Award at the World's Fair in Chicago.
1895 Gerolsteiner received its first order from Sydney, Australia.
1914 Up until the outbreak of the First World War: deliveries to the nearby European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia and some European colonies.
1923 As the economic situation stabilised once more, the mineral water industry and Gerolsteiner were no longer – as before the war – driven by exports, but rather domestic demands were the engine for success.
1927 Resumption of the export business, first of all to Belgium.
1928 Successful recommencement of exports to the USA.
1933 At that time, there should have been hardly a hotel in Chicago where there was no Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water. In order to optimise delivery, Gerolsteiner even created its own accounting for the US market. The company also regained its market share in the Benelux countries. However, the export volume fell far short of the domestic results. It reached a maximum of 2 percent of the total amount. Due to the political changes in Germany, the US business of Gerolsteiner decreased sharply from 1934 and was finally discontinued.
1944 Air strikes completely destroyed the Gerolsteiner plant. By the end of 1946, however, some 900,000 bottles were filled again. Buildings and plants were rebuilt once more by 1948.
1950 From the beginning of the 1950s, Gerolsteiner‘s Sparkling Water was sent to Luxemburg, Belgium, France, North Africa and the USA once more.
1959 Gerolsteiner achieved position no. 1 among mineral waters in Germany for the first time and has since successfully defended this position. Only at the end of the 1970s until the middle of the 1980s did the mineral water have to be satisfied with second place.
1989 Gerolsteiner was assigned its own export department. In order to keep the company viable for the future, gaining new sales markets abroad became important. Gerolsteiner consequently followed the German tourists, and accordingly, among others, hotel chains in the Mediterranean countries were gained as new customers.
1991 Creation of a sales team for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In the following years, expansion of global activities into a number of countries.
2004 Beginning of the collaboration with Pokka Sapporo and start of exports to Japan, where Gerolsteiner is today the most consumed imported carbonated mineral water.
2005 Introduction of Gerolsteiner gourmet bottles made of glass for the International Division.
2008 Instead of broadly diversified international activities, greater focus on core areas. The brand presented itself in these core areas with country-specific campaigns. Regional Managers took charge of the territories of Asia, North and South America and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
2011 Introduction of the new 0.75 litre lightweight glass bottle as individual packaging for the international market.

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