Facts and Figures

Company                                 Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters Vulkanring
54567 Gerolstein/Germany
Line of business Mineral well/nonalcoholic beverages
Partner Bitburger Getränke Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH,
Bitburg (51 %)
Buse Kohlensäuregruppe, Bad Hönningen (32 %)
Free float (17 %)
Net goods turnover                 224.1 Mio. EUR
Sales 6.3 Mio. hl
Employees 736
Trainees 50
Distribution areas domestic                    Germany (whole country)
Distribution areas international                    Japan, USA, Benelux among others


St. Gero
Mineral water Gerolsteiner Sparkling (with a lot of carbon dioxide)
Gerolsteiner Medium (with Little carbon dioxide)
Gerolsteiner Naturell (without carbon dioxide)
Spritzer Gerolsteiner Apple Spritzer
Mineral water plus Gerolsteiner Fit (Apple and Lemon)
Gerolsteiner Moment (White Tea & Pear, Green Tea & Grape, Rooibos Tea & Peach)
Gerolsteiner Naturell Plus Fruit (Apple, Cherry, Lemon&Lime)
Gerolsteiner Sparkling plus Lemon
Gerolsteiner Linée (Grapefruit-Blood Orange, Lychee-Lime, Mango-Grapefruit, Guava-Rhubarb)
Gerolsteiner Lemonade (Orange, Lemon)

New from 2/2014: Gerolsteiner Plus Fruit (Lime, Grapefruit, Blood Orange) - with carbon dioxide
New for the Football World Cup 2014 (April to July): Gerolsteiner Samba 2014 (Lime)
Health water St. Gero medicinal water

Mineral water dispenser Gerolsteiner Office Line (for Gerolsteiner Naturell)

Last update: 31/12/2013

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.