What's your drinking style?
On continuous moisturizers and adventure drinkers.

The thirst-quencher

The thirst-quencher is a consumer of large amounts of mineral water and usually above 40 years of age. Typical for him: he drinks in large quantities when he is exceptionally thirsty. Drinking to him is a downright challenge.

His aim: overcoming the resistance presented by the amount of water and carbon dioxide when consumed in large amounts. A "water belly" or hefty belching is put up with and actually seen as a kind of triumphant success. For the thirst-quencher water is foremost a killer of thirst and a means to achieve a perceived performance ideal. The thirst-quencher prefers a mineral water with a lot of carbon dioxide such as Gerolsteiner Sparkling.

The continuous moisturizer

Continuous moisturizers are "elementary fetishists" and are part of a younger generation. In this group there are many students and women who often have to deal with multiple burdens (e.g. working mothers, students who work on the side). Mineral water consumption is steady and regular. Thirst can thus not develop.

Continuous moisturizers often drink mineral water free of carbon dioxide, such as Gerolsteiner Naturell. For people who prefer this method it is important to keep themselves in a state of so called "balanced flow". To them it is basically irrelevant what region the water stems from. Important is only, that the brand suit his or her personality.

The duty drinker

The duty drinker can be of any age or gender. Consumption of mineral water is to him neither pleasure nor experience, but rather a strenuous fulfillment of duty. Duty drinkers thus consume in a pointedly businesslike manner.

The amount consumed in this group is fairly high. Besides mineral water the duty drinker also consumes other drinks, but experiences these outings into the world of beverage variety as minor sin. Duty drinkers need carbon dioxide in order to "feel" the water. It may however not be too much.

The adventure drinker

The adventure drinker tends to be a younger consumer but not exclusively.

According to studies he is distinctly fun oriented, likes to sample innovative beverages and drinks as much lemonade as he does mineral water. For him things have got to be fizzy and bubbly for water to turn into an experience.

Typical of this group is an attitude towards life that is oriented away from performance society. Added to that, there is a thirst for continuously new and manifold experiences in taste.  

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.