Wet on the outside!

Did you know that mineral water is a beauty tip? For instance: place some cotton wool soaked in icy cold mineral water on your face, neck and décolleté. This will revive you as well as giving you a wonderful complexion. Another tip: For shiny and fragrant hair, use a special mixture consisting of four tablespoons of lemon juice and two cups of mineral water.

Laughter is healthy!

People who laugh a lot are healthier than others. Hearty laughter releases positive energies, strengthens circulation and the immune system, stimulates respiration and simply makes you happy.

As little as a small smile is enough – the main thing is for the corners of your mouth to turn up, the movement of those muscles releasing the necessary hormones responsible for feelings of joy.

Holiday for the senses!

Two to three drops of scented oils and you can relax. Whether you inhale, take aromatic baths or caress your skin by massages with scented oils – in no time at all essential oils provide the right atmosphere, making sure your everyday problems evaporate. The fragrance of a rose is beguiling, mint is refreshing and lemon is reviving.

Pinch me!

Water makes body tissue more supple and turns your skin rosy and fresh. Without sufficient moisture from the inside the skin dries out.

That's why you should do the pinch-test several times a day. To do so, lightly pinch the skin beneath your eyes. If it takes a long time to smoothen again there is only one thing that can remedy it: drink, drink, drink.

Caught cold!

For headaches a cold gel mask does the trick. It simply cools the pain away!

It is best to lay it onto closed eyes, the brow or onto the nape of the neck – and then to relax. The alternative to a gel mask: a wet towel put into the freezer for ten minutes.

Happy sip by sip!

Are you just about to blow your top? Quickly go and get a large glass of Gerolsteiner mineral water and drink it sip by sip. This way you can downright wash away the agitation. The process of swallowing requires you to focus and thus has an immediately calming effect on the nervous system.

Beautiful prospects!

When things start getting too much for you take a time out from every day's life. Put up a picture in your vicinity that invites you to dream, for instance of a beautifully white sandy beach with palm trees, or a photograph of your loved ones. During times of stress let your eyes wander over the scene and allow your imagination to roam.

The yellow card against stress!

Colors have a proven effect on the psyche. Sun yellow for instance inspires creativity, causes cheeriness and delight.

A new coat of paint or a couple of colorful accessories – and you'll be bursting with energy. Let your eyes rest on the colorful surface, breathe in and out slowly and minor lows will have no more chances!

Music's in the air!

What would life be without music? Whether Elvis or relaxing music, Mozart or metal, music is like medicine – a perfect generator of good humor. Diverse rhythms are relaxing or animating, they make it possible to forget everything that is happening around you. It's up to you to decide what music enables you to relax best.

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.