The Ultimate Sparkling Water from Germany.

While 71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water, less than 2 percent of it is fit for human consumption and not all of this water is the same. Naturally mineral-enriched waters, like Gerolsteiner, are truly one of earth’s treasures.

The formation of Gerolsteiner mineral water

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Learn how the wonders of nature make Gerolsteiner so unique and why there is no other water like it.

Precious minerals below the earth’s surface

Precious mineral waters are protected from contamination deep below the earth’s surface in reservoirs that are sandwiched between layers of fossilized rock. These reservoirs formed in pre-historic times as the Earth’s massive continental plates shifted and collided over thousands of years. The collisions fuelled rampant volcanic activity and caused landmasses to rise and fall. As a result, multiple layers of rock now make up the earth’s crust. Some of these rock layers are hard dolomite rock, and others, formed from mineral rich seabeds, are porous.

The richness of the Volcanic Eifel region, Germany

Formed from such volcanic activity, the Volcanic Eifel in western Germany boasts unique geological formations. An estimated 350 volcanoes erupted in this region and as the hot volcanic magma cooled beneath the earth’s surface, it released gases, which became trapped within the rock layers. Water also gathered in these geothermal layers creating aquifers up to 650 feet deep in the earth’s crust. The pressure at this depth forces carbon dioxide – that is continually being released from the still-cooling magma - to dissolve in the subterranean water layer and form carbonic acid.


As much as 30 percent of the area’s natural precipitation seeps down through the mineral-rich, porous rock layers, and as it does so, minerals from the rocks enrich water. This process is intensified by the presence of carbonic acid. Nowhere else in the world do these specific geological conditions exist. The now mineral-enhanced and carbonated water remains protected in the subterranean aquifers until it is carefully brought up to the surface. The result: the Eifel’s natural sparkling water, inherently rich in minerals, that is tapped at its source and bottled onsite by Gerolsteiner under pristine conditions.

Discover the region Gerolsteiner origins from: The Volcanic Eifel, Germany


Do you feel like getting to know the unique nature of the Volcanic Eifel? The Eifel, a fascinating natural landscape, is also an ideal location for a vacation:Hiking on the “Eifelsteig” or cycling tours in idyllic valleys – it is not only for nature lovers that the Eifel has places of interest on offer. Visit Gerolstein and take the opportunity of a guided tour of the Gerolsteiner plant.

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.