From the source to the consumer


Straight from the midst of the Volcanic Eifel comes Germany’s most popular water: Gerolsteiner's natural mineral water. Special geological circumstances typical to the Eifel are the reason for the unique flavor and freshness as well as the healthy substances contained in the water.


Mineral water is a pure product of nature. It is usually taken from the so called deep groundwater. Deep groundwater is the accumulation of many decades of rain water, filtered and purified while seeping slowly through the layers of sediment and rock.


Here you can find out how the mineral water finds its way from the well to the consumer.


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Clear and pure: on its way to the

consumer, every bottle is throughly

examined several times.

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.