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The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as Gerolsteiner) gladly welcomes you to its website. Data protection and data security during the visit of our website are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we commit ourselves to protect your privacy and to handle your data confidentially. We would like to inform you about the categories of personal data we collect in regard to your visit of our website and the purposes this data is used for. As amendments to the law or changes of our company internal processes can necessitate an adaptation of the privacy policy we would like to ask you to regularly read this privacy statement. 


1. What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be used to find out about personal or factual circumstances about you (as the data subject). Information that does not allows us (at least not without a disproportional amount of time and effort) a direct link to you personally e.g. by aliases or through anonymization of the information, is no personal data.


2. What data do we collect and process?

The majority of our online services can be used without disclosing your identity or any personal information. Should you however decide to register for one of our personalized services (such as ordering something in our online shops), we will ask you for your name, your e-mail address, residential address or other personal information. It is your personal choice whether or not to provide us with this information. However, if you decide against it, we will not be able to provide you with the respective services. You will find specific information regarding the exact procedures as well as specific consent forms within the respective processes, and you are free to decide whether or not to consent to the use of this information.


In connection to grant you access to your required information, data necessary to provide this service or information vital to security will be stored on our servers which possibly allows personal identification (for instance date, time and pages visited). This data is deleted immediately after the end of the session unless it is not used for anonymous analysis


3. Does Gerolsteiner use cookies?

We make use of "cookies" (small files containing configuration information) inconformity with the specifications of the "Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern eV (IVW)". They are used only to ascertain our website's user frequency and user number.


It is possible to make use of our services without cookies. Most browsers are preconfigured to automatically accept cookies. However, you can deactivate the storing of cookies or configure your browser to notify you before accepting cookies. We would like to point out that the refusal of cookies relevant to specific functionality may hamper the use of our website due to technical reasons.


4. What does Gerolsteiner use your data for?

There is no personalized analysis. We reserve the right to statistical analysis of pseudonymized or anonymized data. Information like this, for instance from IP-logs, is stored for system security purposes (to prevent misuse) for the purpose of improving the website and for statistical purpose (number of users and of page hits).


Personal data is however queried and processed for accounting purposes where it is necessary (for instance when placing orders in our shop). In these cases you will be specifically informed.


There will be no processing of your data for other purposes than it has been collected for unless you explicitly agree to it. Without your consent your data will not be used for other purposes such as advertising. You will only receive adverts from us if we have your explicit consent. You can revoke your consent at any time by canceling the Gerolsteiner Newsletter or by retracting you privacy statement. In this case the service provided by Gerolsteiner may no longer be offered. We do not compile personalized user profiles. General information is registered, such as pages visited at Gerolsteiner or what pages were visited most frequently. This data does not offer individual information about the user  – the process is completely anonymous.


5. Is your data transferred to third parties?

Your data is only stored in our database and on our servers, respectively at our data service provider´s, unless you are explicitly informed of - and consent to - the fact that your data will be transferred to other companies, such as cooperation partners or advertising partners.


In certain cases we are obliged to transfer your personal data to third parties due to legal requirements. This is for instance the case when  a crime or misuse of our website is suspected. We are then obliged to refer your data to the law enforcement agency.


Our website contains so called hyperlinks to websites of other companies. Here you are forwarded directly from our website to the other company´s website. Amongst other things this is noticeable by the change in the URL. We take no responsibility for the privacy of your data in this case, since we have no influence on whether these companies adhere to our privacy policy.


6. Use of Facebook Social Plugins

On some of our websites we use additional programs, so called social plugins ("plugins") of the social network facebook.com, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States, is operated ("Facebook" ). With this plugin you can tell your Facebook friends that you like our website. The plugins are identifiable by one of the Facebook logo (white "f" on a blue tile or a "thumbs up" sign) or they are marked with the additive "Facebook Social Plugin". The list and the appearance of the Facebook social plugins can be found here: http://developers.facebook.com/plugins.


When you visit a web page of our website which contains such a plugin, your browser directly connects to the Facebook servers. The contents of the plugin will be transmitted from Facebook directly to your browser and then integrated into the website. Therefore, we have no influence on the extent and amount of data collected by Facebook. According to our knowledge, these are at least the following data:


- Date and time of your visit on the selected site;

- Internet address or URL of the selected website;

- IP address;

- Used browser and used operating system;

- Facebook user identification number, if you are logged in on Facebook while you are visiting our website.


Purpose and extent of data collection, further processing and use of data by Facebook as well as your rights and your possibilities to configure the settings to secure your privacy can be seen in the privacy policies of Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php.


If you are logged in and interact with the plugins, e.g. click the "Like Button" button or leave a comment, the relevant information will be a transferred to Facebook. If you are a Facebook member and if you do not want, that Facebook collects information about you from our website and links them with your member information stored on Facebook, you have to log out on Facebook before you visit our website. In addition, it is possible to install a Facebook plugin, to prevent the transmission of the data to Facebook, for example with the "Facebook Blocker", which can be downloaded here http://webgraph.com/resources/facebookblocker


7. Using Google Maps API

This website uses Google Maps on some pages to display interactive maps and to create directions. Google Maps is a map service from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA. By using Google Maps, information about the use of this website can be transferred to Google in the USA, including your IP address and the (starting) address you entered in the route planner.


If you visit a web page of our website which includes Google Maps, your browser directly connects to Google servers. The map will be transmitted from Google directly to your browser and then integrated into the website. Therefore, we have no influence on the extent of data collected from Google. According to our knowledge, this is at least the following data:


- Date and time of the visit on the website in question,

- Internet address or URL of the website is open,

- IP address,

- (starting) address entered in the route planner.


As we have no influence on the further processing and use of this data by Google, we can therefore not accept any responsibility.


If you do not want Google to collect, process or use data of you from our website, you can deactivate JavaScript in your browser settings. In this case you cannot use the map function.


Purpose and extent of data collection, further processing and the use of data by Google as well as your rights and your possibilities to configure the settings to secure your privacy can be seen in the privacy policies of Google: www.google.com/intl/de/privacy/privacy-policy.html.


8. Security measures to protect the data we store

Data we or our data processor collect is stored on specially protected servers. Access is restricted to only a few authorized persons responsible for the technical, commercial or editorial support.


To prevent the loss or misuse of data stored at Gerolsteiner we have taken extensive technical and operational security precautions that are regularly checked and upgraded depending on technological development.


Nevertheless, we would like to point out that it is possible for other people and institutions outside of our area of influence and responsibility to ignore the rules regarding data protection and the above mentioned security measures due to the structure of the internet. Especially data that is sent unencrypted - even by E-mail - can be read by third parties. We have no technical influence on this. It is the user's responsibility to protect the data he provides against misuse through encryption or by other means. Our website contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether or not the operators of these sites adhere to the privacy policy. 


9. Cancellation of consent

The following consents you have explicitly given as this was necessary during the ordering process or other actions. We would like to point out that your consent can be revoked at any time for the future.


I confirm that I have recieved and read the General Terms & Conditions and I want to continue.


I like to be informed about upcoming Gerolsteiner news and products. (Can be cancelled at any time) Do not miss any upcoming offers!


I agree with my data being recorded and processed by the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG for individual service provided to me. The data will only be circulated to the before mentioned purpose. Circulation to third persons is barred.


I agree with my data being recorded and processed by the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG for individual service provided to me. The data will only be circulated to the before mentioned purpose, exclusively to PR-agencies authorized by Gerolsteiner. Circulation to third persons is barred. Should I have objections to the processing of my data at a later date, I can file an objection at any time.


10. Information about your personal data stored at Gerolsteiner/ erasion

Gerolsteiner will store your data only as long as permitted by law.


At your request, we will inform you any time, if and which data we have stored of you. Should we even have stored false data about you, despite our efforts to store accurate and current data, we will correct it promptly at your request. If you desire the deletion of the stored data, this deletion will also be conducted promptly after your request. If a cancellation is not possible for legal reasons, we will block the respective data. Please note, in the case of deletion of your data the we will be no longer able to offer our services on our websites in whole or in part 


Please contact in these cases:

Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG

Data Protection Officer Dr. Gregor Scheja


54567 Gerolstein

Fax: +49 (0) 1805-10 88 22 (14ct/Min, mobile rates may vary)


11. Contact

Should you have any further questions or suggestions regarding data security we look forward to hearing from you.


Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG

Data protection officer Dr. Gregor Scheja



Last updated: February 2012

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