Gerolsteiner International

Bottled in the Volcanic Eifel, consumed all over the world: Gerolsteiner is Germany's most popular mineral water it is also Germany's most exported mineral water.

Rooted in the region

Gerolsteiner was founded in the Eifel in 1888 and has ever since been supplying mineral water of inimitable quality. Due to its excellent flavor Gerolsteiner mineral water quickly became the region's favorite water, turning into a synonym for sparkling water in the Eifel. Even today, over 125 years hence, Gerolsteiner remains firmly rooted in the area. Gerolsteiner has evolved from being a small regional mineral water company into being the German market leader.

Internationally successful

Maintaining an international focus has at all times been of major importance to Gerolsteiner. The Eifel-based company thus created a stir abroad as early as 1895, only a couple of years after its founding: It exported mineral water to Australia. Later on the USA, the Benelux countries, Japan and many others were to follow. Due to its volcanic origins and the resulting inimitable quality Gerolsteiner has managed to convince water drinkers throughout the world and has meanwhile become the biggest mineral water exporter in Germany. Exports to Japan show that this kind of quality prevails. Not long after its first introduction to the market Gerolsteiner has managed to outdo the foreign competition and now takes second place in the premium segment for sparkling water.

We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.