Natural health water

Unlike mineral water, health water is subject to pharmaceutical law and requires approval by the Federal Institute for Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Products (BfArM). There must be verification that the water has prophylactic, alleviating or healing properties due to its natural mineral composition. In everything else it is subject to the same criteria as mineral water. Health water either can be taken as a curative measure or consumed on a daily basis. The label specifies the area of application and recommended drinking amount and frequency.

As a natural source of minerals, St. Gero Health Water for instance improves the supply of calcium and magnesium to the body, stimulates the digestive tract and can supplement the treatment of osteoporosis. St. Gero has a pleasantly mild flavor.



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We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.