Star Water meets Star Chef

Kurt Gutenbrunner is one of New York City’s top chefs. In the city that never sleeps, this Austrian chef runs five restaurants – including hot spots Wallsé and Blaue Gans. His recipe for success: Austrian cuisine with a modern twist, natural ingredients, and excellent quality. His work has not only made his name known around the world, but has also earned him a coveted Michelin star.


From Wine Connoisseur to Water Expert

In addition to cooking, Kurt Gutenbrunner is also a passionate wine connoisseur. He is particularly fond of wine from the Wachau region, where as a young man he laid the foundations for his career as a chef. Even today, wine from this area along the Danube is always to be found on his menus. He chooses every beverage on his menus very specifically. Which water pairing does he recommend? “Well, that’s easy, Gerolsteiner!” Kurt Gutenbrunner says. When it comes to quality, this star chef never compromises.


Quality Unites

Whether it accompanies excellent wine, or fantastic food, Gerolsteiner is always a fitting selection. Gutenbrunner explains: “A dish is only ever as good as the ingredients you use to create it – and it’s the same with mineral water. If you are looking for quality and natural ingredients, Gerolsteiner is a must.” As a chef, Gutenbrunner has thus been serving Gerolsteiner, the water with the star, in all his restaurants.


A Visit with Gutenbrunner

Who is Kurt Gutenbrunner really? What is his life and work in Manhattan like? And why is Gerolsteiner his water of choice? In order to find answers to these questions and more, we shadowed the chef for a day, filming our time with Kurt to give you a glimpse into the world of a gourmet chef. Enjoy!



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